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by on August 31, 2010

`To own already a mind to aid you on any subject matter, why bother with yet another to define reality with half truths, especially when so expensive, or worse being paid for with taxes?’
`Verbal expressions like “get away”, to sell a car or vacation best define the human mind now seeking to evade consequences known coming for their means of survival!’
`When the soul gets lost in its own snowstorm it is often the beginning of its conscious mind’s awakening!’
`Computer program trivia clutters one’s mind so badly now that here is little room left for quality thinking, just like what TV offers the masses to sustain their ignorance!’
`The late panic of authority defines best who governs their mind who must win this planet or succumb to hell it understands!’
`To get beyond simple minded IQ one must use the right brain!’
`Not oddly, facts bring man’s greatest trauma now where his long prior mental evolution for accrued IQ permits understanding who rules his programmed mind form places never seen!’
`The modern intellectual sophisticate does have one thing going for them, a fine developed reductive mind well suited for the amoral life style it must operate up in dynamic time!’
`Tolerance for a conscious mind is plain stupidity today!’
`Obsessive compulsive behavior merely shows the vast neurotic effort to hide some other reality from a potentially awakening conscious mind, who would correct far more than just a behavior!’
`The coverup for pending World War III is social titillation, if not direct TV simple mindedness then half truths in science to ensure who now tentatively governs late mankind continues with a vengeance as need to be fed with kept dumb red meat animals!’
`Most astounding to an awakening conscious mind is the finesse and import of the truly profound offered in their dreams!’
`The end of needed static symbols approaches to complete man’s evolutional trek however traumatic such event will become where the static in man’s mind refuses to give up easily!’
`To recognize consciously who profits most for some promoted `righteousness’ can evoke a changed mind, a very dangerous factor when being carefully watched by discarnates who warp the mind so easily to a wanted whim as elegance to rule from the Riviera!’
`Does a woman’s name Christina imply a crystallized mind?’
`A sad sight indeed is a simple minded man owned by an intellectual woman who herself doesn’t know what governs her!’
`To raise a little child is far easier that an academic programmed nitwit especially with their mind then made up!’
`If a man’s `castle’ can be invaded with law then it is a prison for him which he should have never created. Better it might had been that he enjoyed his creation in his mind only, especially for the taxes that would have been collected before invasion.’
`An amoral mind would naturally be one lacking insight as with no cross cerebral coupling to know of potentials!’
`A psychic is loved, yet psychologist hated. It defines where an ancestor can bias the mind to convey half truths that profit!’


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