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by on August 31, 2010

`Any quality life to come to the conscious mind must be fought for as intellect develops, especially after the soul learns how to keep its conscious mind censored!’
`The conscious mind’s verbal remarks should take precedence over its unconscious even if stupid since the id will always find a way to twist reality into some profiting half truth!’
`Of two eager unconscious drives seen as the bilateral cerebral hemispheres now, the conscious mind must choose the more rational of the two thus seldomly intellect!’
`A simplistic idea of a conscious and unconscious mind matrix is only to evade the reality of some good with bad mind complex!’
`Whether manipulating the kept dumb to hoe the corn or the intellectual to design bombs under secret contract to win the whole planet, little has changed for the last 10,000 years in any human mind while thinking over ever better spears or whathaveyou!’ `Masstime life may be called purgatory where an alerted conscious mind does indeed moderate with reason to modify the soul’s behavior, where its volitional predation takes it back to hell.’
`The `Gotcha’ epoch approaches the human soul thus its current vast evasion of any finite fact which might alert its yet kept dumb conscious mind the reality coming!’
`To seek reality via half truths buys time for folly, the soul through that perpetrated folly yet learns in a skewed way about reality while in the felt safety of a kept dumb mesencephalon or conscious mind that would demand reality defined or else!’
`When finally learned, Chi will stand between mankind and its soul’s foisted folly to evade reality as the human conscious mind does all feasible to evade the end of its dynamic time!’
`Between living between our audio or visual worlds one must so make up their conscious mind as lies between their own two brain halves each naturally vying for attention.’
`Fate, better called karma, deals a poor hand to the kept dumb or well censored conscious mind by their soul as knows if that conscious mind awoke all hell would visit sooner, as earned it!’
`Because the soul knows it should follow its benign complemental’s advice, the evasion of it brings expected karmic retribution if its incarnate conscious mind manages to realize reality and demand benign behavior up to hopefully late life.’
`Sociology as Psychology would never stand for any empirical evidence defining what goads the human animal much less censors its conscious mind so ruthlessly today!’
`When the greatest profits come from half truths, why change?’
`Between `going around once’ or `winning brass rings’ few human conscious minds realize for whom such bells toll!’
`To consciously learn what seethes within one’s own left brain should be enough to recognize what seethes in most other minds!’
`Any slight of hand or speech is evoked by a slight of mind!’
`The human conscious mind needs to know it alone goes around around once so needs to act in Nature’s favor as curb its soul’s persistent folly while mental evoluted as far as possible.’
`Only the kept naive about reality thus protection of Nature by the most evoluted predatory minds little seen on earth much less yet understood what the Clovis did as the Anasazi as a few other human clans, must expect to perish fortunately quickly!’
`Little difficulty will be soon found in processing the most complex of import, as the mental paradigm shift permits the human conscious mind to examine in visual terms all of reality!’


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