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by on August 31, 2010

`As puny or petty we conscious minds are, it is our gratitude for aid that obtains the attention of Nature to learn through offered insight which are potentials so only come with visions.’
`To find life too interesting to want to predate for a living, shows a conscious mind alerted to its right brain for genius.’
`Any around the world balloon trip, especially to Egypt can be defined by the winds aloft yet never said the minds therewith!’
`The rapid `umpa’ on radio and TV now defines the frantic pace needed to keep dumb minds stupid to the final moment!’
`The terrifying NDE is likely the better experience as awakens the conscious mind to a reality their id would never speak of!’ `Any judged NDE by the tripper cannot be believed too well as the id’s verbal response knows it could evoke a deeper curiosity in its conscious mind so reveals little of the experience.’
`The fatter the person the bigger their lies or simpler their minds as often are well governed by their unseen ancestors!’
`Governments must wreck the public’s mind in order to control them by law for fodder as needed.’
`Since the unconscious is where everything is at, we far more simple minded conscious minds had better get our act together and realize who and why the unconscious insists on governing us!’
`While maybe sad in some ways an NDE reveals the soul’s dilemma and so the chagrin for the conscious mind as should have been in charge to evade the pending hell seen!’
`To teach a youngster what their mind consisted of to so then know who they were as duty to sustain that dominance, creates a mind able to reach genius without intellectual folly.’
`No sycophant would ever comprehend what governs his conscious mind, as his mother who raised him, without a father figure!’
`Only the evil can attend to the evil, be it for support or a retributive act, until the conscious mind (with incarnated soul) finds the means to subvert its own soul’s folly with Chi.’
`As long as human society revolves around revenge, it rampant outcome with thin that animal to clear the way for a big paradigm shift where a tired conscious mind will finally begin to govern.’
`The care of the intellectual has finally reached its maximum to avoid reality now or succumb to an angry conscious mind!’
`Man’s real civil war is between his two brain halves, if his own conscious mind begins to awaken to reality!’
`To defend oneself from the hostile their soul can inflict on the conscious mind, only via insight ahead of time can do it.’
`At least the soul must beat itself over the head to so keep its conscious mind stupid that final fling for mankind now!’
`The religious need trauma to awaken them as often have a vast unseen social ethnic clan watching out for them called guardian angels, yet far from any claimed quality angel with profit interests in mind beyond the energy gained in ancestor worship.’
`Direct or indirect necromancy evokes alcoholism, about the only way a naive conscious mind can deal with the problem with so few teaching how to use Chi for psychological difficulties.’
`Self realization is the conscious mind’s business to perceive then comprehend its relative place between two unconscious almost as what Freud perceived, likely through wiser Greek thought.’
`Super human mental processing will only come with right brain dominance and a conscious mind fully aware of what it is doing!’


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