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by on August 31, 2010

`To wash the crud from one’s soul is the trick of a conscious mind’s awareness thus the greatest feat when developed IQ in its soul must be surmounted with deliberation as great caution!’
`Only one way could mankind evade what is coming as deserved for not seeking, is to fast to shed those who govern his mind now since his discarnates have become far more intellectually astute and cunning to not starve with a kept stupid mass of mankind.’
`From the cool minded incarnated soul with ample ancestors doing its guiding to the more frustrated soul with an ugly karmic pattern to fulfill, little difference may prevail between their relative intellectual levels even past incarnative cycles.’
`Does the mind of an artist touch on their own madness to seek answers so few other called `norms’ perceive?’
`The only reward is in thought to a conscious mind that finally realizes its soul is the one that goes to hell in the end!’
`Its a matter of how close one’s soul gets to hell to see its options clearly to change any predatory mind set!’
`Psychological trauma begins when the conscious mind begins to seek comprehension into the spirit, where an intellectual soul is going to defend itself desperately with as by whatever means!’
`Intellect is its own nemesis, when it seeks to yet survive on sustained stupid incarnate man whose conscious mind’s apocalyptic awakening forces that showdown to deal with Armageddon!’
`The conscious mind can struggle with booze because ancestors need to be fed while yet governing late mankind, as can’t feed on the intoxicated body with a user’s conscious mind wanting sleep!’
`Man’s real tragedy being discerned is the loss of his insight offering right brain visual inputs (as REM dream) is what Plato called `Potentia’ or our innate nontemporal faculty which most offers we the conscious mind conscience.’
`The closest a conscious mind gets to hell is when forced to deal with its soul who must deal with pending real hell so barters whatever of any quality life for a bit more dynamic time!’
`It is the purposeful semi education of the human conscious mind that is so dangerous to its soul, thus accidents, disease as suicide seldom noticed, that has become its greatest malaise.’
`Only when the soul runs out of deceased henchmen to aid it in worldly affairs while feeding them do we find the return of physical health even if a form of psychological depression when the conscious mind finds life’s solutions as Chi to enforce it!’
`The scope of reality comes close to infinity at least the soul hopes so as does all feasible to make its conscious mind believe that now at all cost!’
`One’s greatest headache is their own soul, especially when it can evoke an epileptic fit to evade some import to access a conscious mind that has learned some visual import about reality!’
`To learn consciously one’s own omnipresent user of the right brain with the Self thinking interface would fully turn that mind to seek insight use to know potentials whenever needed.’
`A programmed mind lives in time, yet that which doesn’t lives forever in an eternal `now’ so needs full conscious attention.’
`Some ancestors who evoluted with Natures’ aid are the best of all guides when a conscious mind seeks reality.’
`An upset left eye reflects an equally upset left brain as is most in need of censoring visual import where a curious conscious mind exists and could upset the subject’s entire mental balance!’
`Rebuilding of the body is done by the parasympathetic CNS as the tearing down of it by the sympathetic, thus the need of the wiser conscious mind to swing allegiance once destroying what is attempting to wreck it to allow faith to rebuilt definitively!’
`Ancestor worship is a deal made between the incarnating soul and its unseen mtDNA ancestors who much feed, to take turns with reincarnation is not strange unless suffering from it as a conscious mind, struggling to understand with nothing but cliche!’


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