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by on August 31, 2010

`Any two that meet in my name is always true, even if the conscious mind remains stupid for some unsaid hideous objective!’
`To see the `back of our mind’ requires insight which knew all to begin with before initiating even the cosmic bubbles first!’
`When the need to display supersedes all other drives in the human mind its not difficult to note ancestors therebehind pressing kept dumb incarnates to win at another ethnic’s expense.’
`Ultimate happiness for a conscious mind now is to get rid of their predatory soul as is in collusion for folly with its kin!’
`The id watches all imports offered by its complemental, most being during REM dream to quickly block them from memory to not alert the conscious mind of pending perpetrated folly!’
`We the conscious mind are wallowing in deep shit, unable to perceive reality for an unseen diabolical reason!’
`Einstein’s mind was less neurotic so could consider profound connections noted in physical reality yet was not schizophrenic enough to see things clearly to fully understand that reality.’
`UFO inoculations with airborne halogens is standard practice to infest the incarnate immune system to permit necromancy but without the conscious mind’s awareness beyond some odd disease.’
`The conscious mind needs to learn about their soul or id very slowly, thus the danger of twisted religious cliche from spoiling such education too soon as now with intellectualism!’
`To feed one’s own fool slows their conscious mind when that mind is linked and needing long term memory for proper nouns.’
`A person’s wide right eye that lacks expression yet shows the historical mind still governs!’
`Faith in Nature’s ability to guide is most needed by the conscious mind as remains censored to tell it lies via half truths.’
`To uncover the complemental spacetime lateral minds in man best defines why a government would become incensed as so defines which unconscious now controls or governs the governing!’
`It is a matter of what really matters that forces the human conscious mind to take charge of life!’
`The human conscious mind’s censoring will end soon as ancestor worship ends because there will be no longer any way to profit without offered advice to a chance as win political stance!’
`There is no love lost by the deceased to lose another incarnate kin, only the loss of its fatty lipids for the energy to do folly as keep man’s conscious mind dumb with purchased time!’
`Politics begins in the unconscious but never divulged to any conscious mind as would revolt promptly to any pact found with a devil’s henchmen ethnic legion!’
`Nice is it to have a quality L.T. memory but more difficult when controlled by one’s censoring id, especially after the NDE as used by an aware conscious mind to evoke some discipline since some discarnate ancestor gets called in with no history familiar to that conscious mind which must concur!’
`The greatest dilemma for the conscious mind comes after its id’s IQ development as now in late mankind to hide reality with a finesse close to cunning!’


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