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by on August 31, 2010

`What is truly amazing is that most religions kept the trinity thing when it could spark a conscious mind’s curiosity!’
`The difference between good and evil in masstime can be an aware conscious mind, whose insight use with an integrated corpus callosum senses with conscience an error, in their own as other’s thinking as innate CNS dominance with relative prevarication.’
`Diaries are good for women or sycophants as reminds them of past folly that they would never recall without shocktreatment!’
`A woman can parrot religious cliche as fact, provided it then means nothing to her conscious mind with a decoupled corpus callosum to input insight thus explain reality.’
`Obesity is the first sign of overt ancestor worship even if the conscious mind perceives no remedy as evicting a past `loved’ one whose mtDNA often more controls the incarnates today!’
`The soul is but some virus in terms of mtDNA, and worse, becomes active as AiR when its conscious mind gets alerted!’
`Sadly, the conscious mind cries for a better body yet remains blocked from perceiving its innate therapeutic ability!’
`The greatest puzzle in life takes one’s conscious mind exactly a life time to fathom, to say little of control it!’
`Self therapy can start with imagery painting, but should soon graduate to exposing through writing their past felt struggles on life to clear their history of folly as a catharsis as conscious mind’s dominance for curiosity with utilized dreams.’
`Any constant `now’ would never be understood by a reductive intellectual’s conscious mind or else!’
`An alerted conscious mind brings the most misery to a hiding soul where curiosity drives the mental matrix to examine all the facets of life, as what evades detection most in the left brain!’
`While an id’s perpetrated trauma can keep the conscious mind preoccupied to evade mental evolution, it should be curiosity of that trauma that evokes insight, so turns the tables to complete that id’s sojourn up in faster masstime with conscious goading.’
`Secrecy is the want of the covert minded to operate with some claim to aid the public, thus military might grows to `aid’ those found `needy’ who were disarmed by their government just as the government that wanted that secrecy first to win the planet!’
`The soul wants full time body dominance when incarnated, even when REM interferes, so censors any curious conscious mind or AiR will follow often for a miserable death!’
`To learn which brain half dominates man’s conscious mind much less the net goal of either of those bilateral two, the promised apocalypse stands to now do mankind its greatest damage!’
`Suicides occur most just before any full therapy of the noisy psychotic, whose Thanatos knows more than most conscious minds.’
`One must make their own self `mad’ to find the truly mad part of their mind, thus their fightflight rears its ugly head while APA and AMA blink in amazement!’
`Nature’s big problem with an evoluted soul is to keep it dumb enough to not hinder its incarnate conscious mind’s censoring, so as foils that soul’s completed mental evolution!’
`Nature will concede soon for mankind’s continued quality evolution where its soul’s past IQ growth has reached that impasse to outwit any moderative conscious mind any further. Thus a dispensative act to end freerunning folly of discarnates to allow a fresh start at the best of all eras of mental growth for man.’
`Only an alert conscious mind can turn the tables on its hellbent soul, even help to complete its evolutional trek with Nature offering visual insights along the way as with REM dream.’
`To live too close the the hell side of the equation can be most disturbing to any alert conscious mind as would promote a cleansing which would end all further ethnic cleansing!’
`No wars or ethnic cleansing would occur is the conscious mind of man understood so governed his behavior, especially with the aid of the Self thinking interface, soon to guide all mankind.’
`The greatest illness of man can now be seen by the number of arguing schools of thought where the ethnic deceased must never allow man’s conscious mind an awakening!’
`Oddly, man thinks he is at the apex of mental reasoning, at least that is what he is programmed while avoiding any thoughts of 12,000 year old ancestors who now dominates his mind!’


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