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by on August 31, 2010

`What indeed is a sovereign mind when three of them are integrated into the human skull but the fact somehow gets avoided?’
`But what evolves faster than you the conscious mind?’
`The big question now is from which of our two brain halves do we conscious minds learn most to say little of net value?’
`Clear reason requires both brains as anterior corpus callosum so that a conscious mind gets both halves of any “story”!’
`Suicide follows in the intellectual when its conscious mind indeed realizes it is only 1/3rd of its mental matrix!’
`The soul is no fool, indeed has had eons of time to evolve an intellect that can most outmaneuver any conscious mind!’
`Suicide usually occurs just before an alerted conscious mind reaches for its before unnoticed reigns!’
`The greatest project a conscious mind can start will finally kill him, once finding out how to put its id on the run, to get its unseen henchmen to aid in killing that now informed person.’
`The onetrack minded have lost their right brain with a decoupled anterior corpus callosum!’
`Mind over what matters defines behavior as which bilateral unconscious is paid attention too!’
`To paint oneself into a corner shows the conscious mind got isolated from conscience where potentials can be noted, especially now when that paint never dries!’
`The fear evoking `buzzing’ sound at the OBE likely stems from the soul’s fear of a conscious mind’s NDE to realize reality!’
`Man’s stress which evokes AiR is more due to an alerted conscious mind than than any physical workout in life!’
`Bursts of subjective reality come as REM dream, but more to reorient a censored conscious mind, much as Freud noted even to evoke a Thanatosic response for a bout with AiR!’
`Between two compulsions, the drive to learn is being most now suppressed by which did learn about reality, as needs a kept dumb conscious mind to not upset its survival tactics above hell!’
`If not overtly suppressed by various kinds of medical lobotomy, the human mind can overcome the temporary subterfuge to evade insight, however their kicking and screaming defines overt AiR!’
`Any nonwordsalad using paranoid, called schizophrenic, most terrifies authority now, correctly suspecting a mind reader!’
`Hectic are those final days where so much caution needs to be held to not divulge too much information which would evoke their government’s need to start another war in an attempt to keep their public’s mind away from a deeper reality!’
`Thoughts become more valuable than food for the human mind as promote the real objective in life after enough silly playtime!’


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