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by on August 31, 2010

`Suggestions in hypnosis is what the soul follows as learned a better survival comes therefrom, even if the worst for its conscious mind to die ultimately in a vast stupidity!’
`Any moderating mind between good and evil will never learn of that disposition if their intellectual soul can help it, right up to death, if needed that night!’
`High risk for high profits has always prevailed, even if few human conscious minds realize the driving subterfuge these final hours before its awakening as most their physical death!’
`To moderate with gusto, a conscious mind can reach for the truly quality life often not worth the effort today since too much past accrued karma makes a conscious mind’s life unworthy so likely why many do not have an integrated corpus callosum!’
`Do not fear condemning your soul as it could turn to its benign complemental and get all the aid it would ever need to make its existence as yours the conscious mind, well worth the time!’
`From EM `essence’ the soul seeks mind enough to perceive thus learn what its own essence is, to then revolt when finding that essence had mind all along!’
`The greater fool creating a greater fool defines the soul as seeks anonymity when governing a conscious mind’s body!’
`The belief factor has ruined more conscious minds than souls, albeit due to the diligent effort of those souls!’
`To realize others hate facts, the researcher today best keeps his data hidden most in the mind since yet remains to be tapped by the manipulative established in power!’
`Women most suffer mind control, but did so early with their ancestor’s like mtDNA driving them as lost corpus callosum!’
`If signal to noise ratio defines who gets heard, the roar of today’s half truths yet likely take second place to discarnates, especially in most women’s minds with a decoupled anterior corpus callosum to ensure her mtDNA signals get through!’
`To make statements about unconscious ventures too often discretely fail to mention any conscious mind whatsoever!’
`As long as mankind’s conscious mind remains dumb, there will be vast numbers of tragedies come to it as long as its two unconscious prevail with their innate animosity always prevailing!’
`The diabolical care not to show their behaviors so sustain a stupid human conscious mind that remains oblivious to reality!’
`A dumb programmed conscious mind is the greatest hazard for evolution since it moderates between good and evil!’
`The infinitely small radius of the EM wave front from a primordial clap for cosmic bubbles will finally flatten to disappear, the black hole theory thus tries to show the quasar’s generation via a self collapsing EMP for standing wave matter for a period of time, to evolute minds for the creator’s company.’ `The only thing we conscious minds can do is to attempt to do well by understanding what attempts to block our visual perceptions when insights as REM dream are truly the Royal Road!’
`To see subjectively, be it from REM dream or the volitional can enlighten a conscious mind, but they must evade any verbal suggestion which would modify for another kind of profit!’
`The real collusion behind the conscious mind’s back occurs between the two unconscious whose antipathy abounds yet that said conscious mind is depended upon to ameliorate somehow. This shows how REM dream often does not address that naive conscious mind!’
`A primitive mind yet contains all it needs to evolute, especially when noting the preprogramming in fetal REM dream!’
`To comprehend one’s mind as the aboriginal, modern predatory behaviors would cease, but that would also stop man’s mental evolution where trauma now most teaches the evoluted neurotic!’
`It is the conscious mind of the human animal that needs to seek revenge for ancestor intrusions not join same with greedy ideals of winning the planet!’
`The credentialized programmed nitwits of today define how well ancient ancestors learned their art of subjugating a conscious mind for needed fodder up in elevated worldly time!’
`A simple minded belief in a hidden God is far safer than than many discarnate `gods’ who never get mentioned to consciousness!’
`Ethnic cleansing has a very real function, but never will the human conscious mind fall to that import without its greatest of all world wars, likely the dogma’s holocaust.’
`All ethnic governed societies use an unseen form of remote viewing that the human conscious mind seldom realizes, but aids the unscrupulous to manipulate the more naive for survival, especially their discarnate ancestors who do that viewing!’
`To be a `mucker’ and examine under rocks or excrement to better understand Nature, one cannot wear a nice necktie as gets too dirty even drink a beer, as will carry the empty can about for days with a preoccupied mind!’
`As man’s soul took over Nature’s programming of human conscious mind around 10,000 years ago, progressive greed with ethnic chaos followed, the blood shed the real objective to feed others unseen who didn’t deserve more incarnations as became too evil.’
`A programmed mind only means some post hypnotic behavior, to profit those who do that programming in worldly time or for their ancestors bent on beating Nature’s system of evolution.’
`All mental transitional moments create trauma in the minds of the rutty, especially the tenured in power to define the mounting of a grand trauma when mankind learns what uses his left brain!’
`The soul is but some virus in terms of mtDNA, and worse, becomes active as AiR when its conscious mind gets alerted!’


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