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by on August 31, 2010

`The greatest espionage system now exists where governments use discarnate ancestors to watch the evil minded, who think. The only way to see such visitors are orbs, thus souse their light as when getting close to their target!’
`No conscious mind today would dare to examine much less even mention what they found that goads late mankind for folly, especially his official laws to license some ethnics over others!’ `Only a kept dumb conscious mind is worth a soul’s need to yet live incarnated, while gambling with unseen ancestor kin for the opportunity to profit by eating.’
`Jail for the insightive means social restriction, to think as the rut mind programmed thus learn nothing new anymore!’
`Four billion years ago Martian discarnates took over their planet, as moved to earth to evade their pending static state a little like what now occurs on earth where too much human curiosity now goads its conscious mind to ask about any discarnates!’
`Annealing softens iron as academia does the mind to allow for facts to be forgotten and half truths to be instated!’
`Nothing of quality remains in one’s mind unless a full blown schizophrenic who too often upsets authority with the facts!’
`As far as human biological health is concerned the periodic atomic chart defines reality just as the more dynamic electron in quality psychological functioning even if called schizoid or far worse, some prokayote to govern a naive mind!’
`The NDE is a form of remote viewing, but then governed by the parasympathetic CNS to avoid any chance of ambiguity of interpretation by its prevaricating complemental when the conscious mind views the whole trip!’
`Most sad is the yet naive conscious mind that perceives no trauma pending because its soul is responsible for it!’
`The terror of being found of the later evoluted soul forces Nature to hold off integrating the soul into its fresh incarnate body until curiosity blossoms in the new conscious mind, in hopes of sustain same for life, thus the danger of academic programming before the age of eight where `reason’ steps in for folly!’
`The only fear there is of Nature by the soul is its own folly catching up with it and sadly its incarnate conscious mind must also remain frightened of the hell deserved by their soul for not correcting its wayward penchants due to its censored state!’
`The called mad but walk away from them brings their happiness as is their only solution to sustaining one’s rational mind!’
`To deal with the more simple minded brings the greater profit but because in such dealings, both gain in some measure.’
`Anything with fat or sugars that does not get promptly burned when eaten becomes a menace to a naive conscious mind!’
`One must wonder at their predatory soul when frustrated when its conscious mind uses booze to evict it for some peace of mind, to say little of the happy state offered by its complemental!’
`Droning talkers show rhythmic drive, thus a well programmed id of its kin in full control over the kept dumb conscious mind!’
`About the only way the id gets help by its conscious mind is when seeing some easier way to make some profit as evade trauma!’


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