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by on August 31, 2010

`The Self thinking interface is only needed by a curious conscious mind of the more neurotic who cannot find answers to those bizarre but intriguing questions about the psyche. It will become therefore the major aid for mankind in the coming millennium.’
`A small speck of lint floating in quiet air that appears to have a mind of its own, once called Brownian motion, needs to be reconsidered in light of `magic carpets’ down to smoke particles, often used in ancestor worship in church services!’ `The alerted will secretly turn off their TVs as get armed in realizing what established authority has in mind for an ethnic cleansing as must be performed en masse at mankind’s graduation!’
`Discarnate `implants’ into the incarnate are needed because the conscious mind of the latter has finally learned to shuck off advances of the most promising who deserve extended time!’
`The game of who makes up our conscious mind can be seen now demanding to be fed but to feed the one who finally does it!’
`The least of evil, at least for an irascible soul is to comply with benign directions something it can’t do as with its jealous revenge must force its conscious mind to suffer also!’
`There are few rapid breaks to evade one’s soul’s predatory nature without some overt noisy bout of schizophrenic rebellion yet the key for a conscious mind to be best alerted to so act, if evading all authorized therapy as neuroleptic chemolobotomy!’
`The soul often makes a pact with a discarnate of its own ilk to aid in subterfuge to dissuade an alerted conscious mind. This can spell either great frustration or disease but the sign of the need of overt Chi used, well aimed and constantly used!’
`All human acts have a purpose yet the conscious mind if man seldom realizes from which brain half evokes those behaviors!’
`If dimethyl sulfate can quell arthritis it should be obvious the disease is bacterial in origin, yet who uses such key to suck on the subject’s albumin based synovia as truly revolt the person’s conscious mind!’
`Far more evil exists on TV’s women’s `intrigue’ programs than any simple minded cops and robber shows which could alert the self reliant to reality and consider defending himself.’
`Only stash into mind what authority wants, because it can now often allow you to live just long enough to divulge it!’
`When the ever fewer quality worker recognize they live in a society where the rest must survive on his efforts at less pay, laws get fabricated to hold the status quo which leads to either civil or another world war in the time it takes for the able minded to sit down.’
`As long as the soul has all of the help it needs from its complemental and knows that, any AiR means it is volitional so the conscious mind must deal the best it can with the act with a true vengeance, all the way to its soul or its won capitulation!’
`A great liability is hidden for the naive conscious mind that begins to awaken too fast and beyond AiR as can be abrupt!’
`One’s unconscious `Waterloo’ comes when the conscious mind decides enough is enough from overt AiR prone soul!’
`To be `lost’ today may be a godsend for a programmed conscious mind who lost its curiosity long before!’
`The soul can and will turn reluctantly to be an ally of its conscious mind, but not until its Waterloo is fully perceived!’
`Humanism was created as a subterfuge to place the kept dumb conscious mind at ease while the unconscious continued to corrupt all thoughts especially in religion!’


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