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by on August 31, 2010

`A `quacky’ undertone versus visual `overtone’ defines the conscious mind’s moderator between them in relative time.’
`When the soul only listens to, as discern unseen deceased ancestor’s advice, we find it learns little about reality so a very great dilemma for the kept naive conscious mind today!’
`Sadly, no peace comes between one’s soul and their conscious mind because the soul is promised more profit by its unseen kin, up to their final separation coming for good in limbo!’
`The `parting of their eternal ways’ follows the soul’s final allegiance to an awakened conscious mind where that soul’s past kin amongst the legions end their struggle for dominance to conclude for a true spirituality with wisdom to follow!’
`To not pay attention to one’s dreams the conscious mind can lose their soul for good which is not bad!’
`To not get into line the conscious mind stands to suffer most when asking what within demands it!’
`Spontaneous old mosquito bites that inflame again show an id upset over plans a conscious mind insists upon!’
`Any `meltdown’ of the soul only means an NDE where its conscious mind awakens even with overt AiR thereafter!’
`Today’s panic over the hallucinogens would also prevail over dreaming, so luckily laws cannot reach that far into mind yet!’
`Nothing disturbs the soul more than its lack of energy to keep its conscious mind censored, thus promotes AiR to escape!’
`The human conscious mind once was the moderator of behavior but has become too well programmed by academia to not comprehend what is seething to win whatever, especially power in society.’
`Abrupt suicides come when an alerted conscious mind might act in its own behalf!’
`Someday at the first sign of any AiR, LSD therapy for an NDE will extricate the conscious mind to know how, where and what net goal life if for even act on it!’
`The overt evasion of what Freud noted also clearly shows the huge neurosis underlying unitary lateral cerebral dominance, a factor that only goes away in death or an alerted thus ugly, conscious mind after some NDE when realizing reality!’
`Since its the vivid dream that is saying something to the yet dumb conscious mind, it behooves the need of hallucinogens to so jumpstart the neurotic before their overt suicides planned!’
`To be `lost’ today may be a godsend for a programmed conscious mind who lost its curiosity long before!’
`The poorest of mind yet with high IQ win the most, as manipulation was well learned throughout their prior animal evolution.’
`Women love the genius unless they apply their mind to the greatest problem mankind faces with its discarnate legions!’
`The more incarnates conned to aid one ethnic group through unsaid covert programming and law over time brings that grand war when the incarnate’s conscious mind begins to perceive the ruse!’
`Losers do not mind dying as perceive little hope of reaching their aspired goals in a society bent on upmanship with promises instead of any quality life of sincere effort at brotherhood.’
`We animals were designed with an adequate immune as defense systems if AiR did not creep in to commit suicide, because we the conscious mind got curious and needed to be stopped at any cost!’
`To feel sorry for the next human conscious mind that may get your soul later, at least defines an alert conscious mind doing what it can to ameliorate that pending next struggle!’
`To use booze to decouple one’s `censor’ can also aid a conscious mind perceive rods much as the more primitive primate.’
`The only quality democracy will come when all may read the unsaid in the minds of the predatory others making promises!’
`To write down some fact does not mean the conscious mind well comprehends same when using the right brain for reference!’
`The greater problem with any heuristic mindset is from which brain half the offered the import came!’
`In the end, the irascible soul blows its own fuse to escape, a godsend if the conscious mind remains to then peruse reality!’
`We may do what we will, and fortunately the kept ignorant do not acquire the karmic debt as that dumb conscious mind!’
`The difference of those who seek novelty as think with their right brain for answers and the political minded programmed to seek only with the left brain and use programmed promises defines the vast difference between relative time perspectives.’
`The human conscious mind should be released from any duty now of overseeing its more predatory soul to allow that soul its full brunt of pain it earned with all of its past folly!’
`The `guardian angels’ of religious ilk need to be discerned more clearly by the human conscious mind to so turn them off as used the left brain for only folly now!’
`To expedite one’s soul’s intellectual evolution is the design of a conscious mind, yet it most programmed dumb to not act in Nature’s favor to learn to that expected holocaust!’
`Nature has a far greater plan for mankind than new cars and parading on the beach, so the need to stop and truly think about what Nature has in mind more than any political sycophant!’
`The Self thinking interface will define far more about late mankind’s censored mind that what the censoring will tolerate. It thusly defines the vast trauma as thinning of late humankind!’
`The soul never understands slavery because it is always free to act on its own, until coupled with a moderating conscious mind which dampens that soul’s innate predatory penchant.’
`Maximum misery comes to the conscious mind from the soul that fails to kill their common body, to evade any further evolution!’
`Any subordinate to God would be the dynamic EM wave front, as God evoked with a clapped hand. Any next ordered `mind’ would be a quantized standing wave, as within the human mtDNA!’


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