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by on August 31, 2010

`To clear one’s mind with ethanol alcohol is a quality that so few comprehend beyond women whose fear of alerted thinking can be well noted with their demanded outlawing of any form of booze!’
`Obviously a soul stays in bed with its ethnic kin, but only because they read its common mtDNA mind!’
`Suicide by the soul is very rational if it sees its alerted conscious mind reaching for the facts, and yet expects to survive above hell for any length of dynamic time!’
`The soul speaks to others of its own ilk from its lairs of extended time, often in chants when monitored a by fast conscious mind that needs to be slowed down in relative time.’
`UFOnauts can monitor human activity even not read their minds so the U.S. government uses them for espionage today.’
`The more mindfull profit on their kept mindless, whether in ignorance or programmed as some happy slave.’ `Pacts with any other living specie in masstime is stupid as only their predatory mind dominates all social interactions.’
`The closer a conscious mind gets to realizing reality the net closer AiR develops as accidents that count in proportion!’
`At least for the human conscious mind, to think with the left brain is stupid because reality only gets hidden!’
`If the I Am of the right brain didn’t know about It’s own reality it might make sense to follow the little god of the other brain which knows nothing by comparison if the conscious mind didn’t know any better or have a means to learn such import!’
`It takes time and effort to drag one’s kicking and screaming soul through each incarnate evolutional phase by a hapless, often kept dumb, conscious mind. To make matters far worse, each inch it gets dragged reduces life’s goodness proportionately!’
`Be it pyramid building or psychological stone walling, the id is an expert at fooling the human conscious mind!’
`A life filled with mediocrity, recognized or not, has become a vast psychopathy in human kind, that final need of the least able minded to survive upon simple minded corn hoers!’
`Marriage is fine for the potent minded male, but only where religious creeds are accurate and not too much official authority where mother raised male sycophants make all of the promises!’
`If the human conscious mind knew it had a truly damned soul as its intellect it might begin to examine reality a bit closer!’
`Oddly, “to not feel right” may be correct but only in the view point of the sufferer within the psyche. Thus the need for a conscious mind to act in its own best favor and so discriminate!’
`Fortunately academia throws out the able minded who think so may continue to learn throughout life if left alone thereafter.’
`The relative time spend in an NDE gets beyond 90 minutes so can `say’ far more with examples aimed at that person’s conscious mind able to do something about such directions if they live.’
`We see, much like with dreams when not censored, yet while awake we see only that which our censoring id does not mind, as its henchmen moving about the environment bend on folly!’
`While a conscious mind may foolishly forgive the folly of another, it is the unconscious that will not, where the “eye for an eye counts”, thus ethnic cleansing!’
`To have a drink of alcohol once in a while when thinking to clear the air may not be dangerous since if thinking on Nature to evolute the mind, Nature responds with an offered quality life.’


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