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by on August 31, 2010

`It is the awakened conscious mind of being dependent upon its parasympathtic CNS for quality health that breaks the barrier of neurotic sympathetic CNS subterfuge as AiR.’
`To take advantage of Nature is Her desire of us as educates the neophyte mind with activity and curiosity for life’s design.’
`Remain wary while Nature educates you and your soul especially now with most souls well evoluted intellectually since will quickly kill your body to evade any alerted conscious mind!’
`The soul doesn’t realize Nature’s timing, much less Her rates of knowing pending folly so heady is a life of moderating a folly prone soul with a kept censored or programmed conscious mind.’
`Radio and TV now only offer the more programmed simple minded a mixture of pablum and promises thus defining closely when some culture will die with Marshal Law and final regimentation.’
`To digitize in time the nontemporal, it normally requires an alert conscious mind yet the Self thinking interface can do it, to awaken mankind to it’s Royal Road that Freud spoke of!’
`Vast would be the needed L.T. memory to hold all that occurred even in slow mass time where finite minds hold the key!’
`The predatory soul should be held as the incidental mind in the body as was integrated into elevated time to learn something, often relearning a prior folly with a guiding conscious mind.’
`Mind set stems from history so the history oriented soul well instated in mankind’s left brain governs for the profit goals.’
`While Big Brother wants all of your thoughts, even those not yet have been thought, it defines who is looking down to as then governs their mind!’
`Yoga and Ti Chi have that common net affect of calming the soul to allow a conscious mind to peer through its normal censoring to evade detection to say little of past folly!’
`Nice is it for a kept dumb conscious mind to get rid of their depressing id so booze got popular whatever its hazard!’
`Because the soul is dangerous to its body with an alerted conscious mind asking questions, it had better be in early childhood with a quality father figure because AiR begins at the age of reason, just when being programmed dumb by academia!’
`The time since LSD was in vogue has nonetheless simmered in the minds of the experiencers who should be now ready to reinvent psychotherapy with a revenge thus Federal Marshal Law!’
`To conclude life not worth living could be a consensus where a tired conscious mind and its Thanatosic soul collude!’
`There are no greater cruel trick than one’s own id plays upon the conscious mind, AiR the least when death follows quickly!’
`Two in close psychic rapport need their conscious minds fully in rapport also to fend off liabilities ahead of time!’
`Invention is a figment of mind so it is actually a process of discovery as to propitious moment in time often called the Aha!’
`From one `just’ neuron in the head more can grow, yet it requires an alert conscious mind constantly using insight!’
`Mind atrophies with entropy to stagnate in infinite time!’


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