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by on August 31, 2010

`Since it is the lower self that creates chaos so a yet dumb conscious mind will not find as use its higher Self, sad but true Nature allows the malaise until the obvious breaks through!’
`The overworked are ruled by their soul, to keep its conscious mind stupid as long as feasible, or too late to act whatsoever!’
`The transactional state in psychological terms is when some impasse like nervous breakdown allows the conscious mind a peek into its inner chaos so that therapy can get started!’
`Man gets governed surreptitiously when the efforts of many can bias a single conscious mind, especially when in power!’
`To work with the hands is a vacation from the mind since then only is there time to make progress made with intellect.’
`Only through intoxication can a conscious mind get a glimpse of reality something most avoided today by the psychopathic!’
`What is wakefulness when it cannot be defined in terms of the conscious mind which cannot comprehend the innate psychic world?’
`Few now make up their own conscious mind because it got well programmed stupid by academia so don’t know what mind they use!’
`The longest time for a conscious mind to learn of its cruel offensive soul comes with an old soul well versed in the arts of manipulation, today most with academic programming!’
`To have any quality thought today is dangerous, if not for a conscious mind, then authority who must have obedient programmed fools as slaves doing the grunt work as running point!’
`A soul’s escape, not retribution, is death. Indeed, the soul becomes Thanatos to kill its body the fastest when about to be revealed to a potentially unhappy conscious mind who might act!’
`Some study needs to be done to equate prompt deaths with how close their conscious mind was to obtaining some import defining reality, especially in the field of psychology!’
`To return agony for agony given, a conscious mind must become aware of its own diabolical soul bent upon dominance or death, so dangerous indeed is the awakening process for late humans now!’
`The closer the human conscious mind gets to perceiving reality the closer trauma comes because the soul is intolerant to any reality being noted the paranoid schizophrenic’s real problem!’
`Laws aid the least able minded for their survival, so the net reduction of self reliance but for the least insightive who now rule mankind with impunity with foolish laws to profit them!’
`As one’s conscious mind gains the use of insight, so does it evoke the worst from its soul as it turns to AiR as Thanatos!’
`The discarnate with enough time can be prepared to act on a moment’s notice as change a typed character to reverse a meaning crucial to its need to keep a conscious mind stupid.’
`Only by comparison might the more evolved soul reflect its learned cruelty a factor requiring long historical knowledge so cannot be accessed as the soul contains this information to best control a kept dumb conscious mind!’
`Life cannot get easier with the human animal because with its soul’s evolution cunning behavior excels up to a cruelty that no conscious mind could live, certainly by learning of that faculty in any form of peace or harmony!’
`Upmanship must be practiced by the soul since history defined its needs in mental evolution thus cunning it becomes to even rid itself of a wary conscious mind, then called Thanatos that even Freud noted as other astute psychoanalysts noting suicides!’
`A woman’s history is buried in her mtDNA, its folly to be not ever perceived by her conscious mind if an innate lobotomy as decoupled anterior corpus callosum hides reality most securely!’
`Only the insight using father figure can hope to awaken his children’s conscious mind to its duty of quelling covert psychopathy, where IQ has become its greatest danger!’
`Only the alerted conscious mind, most often with some quality father figure early in life when least censored, learns to recognize cruelty, even within itself can sense that soul as innate!’
`Only a conscious mind can save it’s soul, and that with ample initial aid of a wiser father figure!’
`The net result of innate cruelty amongst the governing will in time evoke the interest of true psychological researchers, to then bring that promises apocalyptic human conscious mind’s awakening for its most traumatic education of all!’
`We all think we are creative in some way but seldom realize what is new to a conscious mind may stem from the left brain thus actually history being repeated like tenure used now in science!’


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