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by on August 31, 2010

`When empirical fact means little to those with their minds made up we find the religious, scientific and legislative guilty of great wrong doing but for some never said profit margin!’
`When the id is recognized by its conscious mind as an uninhibited prevaricating fool, a far different idea follows as lack of any trust in the verbal word as recalled claim, whatever the subject matter or the felt profit margin believed to be won!’
`A kept dumb conscious mind would never lie about its subconscious collusions for unsaid profit, thus a semistraight face can be kept unless the aware know there to look as its right side!’
`To recall in visual imagery shows past reality, seldom verbal where purposeful forgetfulness sustains a dumb conscious mind.’
`Close calls teach more than death when the conscious mind can bias future behavior.’
`The Lord doesn’t damn a soul but may aid the request of some tormented conscious mind with momentary sojourns to that deep pit and that request is merely imagined Chi blowing it below!’
`Mind may be over matter, yet that matters little to the soul that can mentally evolute the faster, to manipulate the slower!’
`Because the human conscious mind must guess at something new to it, it remains vulnerable to half truths trumped by its prevaricating left brain when it can keep censored the right.’
`Women can be programmed for quality behavior yet their conscious mind yet remains dumb as to why because conscience comes only over their anterior corpus callosum mostly decoupled now!’
`Women are happy just putting in time on planet earth as has a much higher rate of perception so don’t mind a repetitious job.’
`The soul makes pacts with potent discarnates, most often only with a common mtDNA, that helps to define the lessons the naive conscious mind must learn before full AiR develops for a kind of suicidal escape before it learns too much.’
`A home without a man is often vacant since any mind left is lacking an integrated corpus callosum to get stuck in slow time.’
`Nature permits slavery, especially between the species, but to evoke attention from pain to evolute the fastest. It is a form of positive feedback which presses the more simple minded to then catch up with the most intellectually advanced.’


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