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by on August 31, 2010

`If we all have a mind why do so few not use it unless somehow programmed dumb by others who need cheap labor?’
`As a bride’s maid the conscious mind gets stuck with the job for life or dies to escape the chore!’
`To choke off one’s AiR prone id will always be the first of any remedial order for survival assuming the choking continues with whatever until that id or your conscious mind, gives up!’
`At least alcoholism is the least or any disease of concern if a conscious mind gets down to the business of comprehension!’
`To know consciously a word wanted but unable to speak it best shows the power of a neurotic id controlling its conscious mind.’
`To learn the hard way that the unseen govern one’s opinions for folly prone behavior may be the best way to evolute mentally, yet can drive a yet seminaive conscious mind to commit suicide which is precisely then what its id wants as turned Thanatos!’
`To see lost opportunity after the fact is stressful, yet to be the brunt of fearful authority brings that opportunity for yetmore stress as knowledge hurts the aware conscious mind.’
`Misunderstood reality evokes the greatest pain for the conscious mind, thus its needs most to comprehend what twists reality in the first place by evading reality as its own pain giving id!’
`Because we all are `multiples’, the degree of folly continues for the soul that governs over two other more rational minds.’
`The persistent need to argue verbally defines the id in desperate need of attention, its only means to survive with a curious conscious mind standing by in wonderment!’
`It takes energy to acquire energy but never will even the alert conscious mind fall to such import because it’s the key for the id to dominate all conscious will whatever the cost!’
`When whim dictates “justice”, it most behooves the conscious mind to act on its own to perceive as comprehend all underlying profit motives, especially who yet unseen is responsible for it!’
`To think means to find one’s joy is subjective, certainly not with TV as programmed conscious mind unable to extricate itself!’
`Like S.T. to L.T. memory, time is but a figment in the mind of what counts off time albeit always trying to confirm it!’
`Instincts operate too well in the primitive mind so life is a hazard even if best teaches under the pressure of trauma!’
`Between the id’s censoring of reality and the hippocampus for a net quality, man’s conscious mind stands dumb between the two!’
`It is only the `loud and clear’ dream that need be considered by the yet naive conscious mind in order to get it up and running with reality to so curb its id’s excess folly.’
`It is the time to write down cogently what one perceives in a short instant that is a burden, but anything done with one’s time oriented self is a burden once its conscious mind recognizes it!’
`The wiser who care less about prestige as red necktie can be made happy doing a service for others while the elegant minded as need to thing of survival only care about manipulating others.’
`The UFOnaut moves at right angles when traveling as sees with a crystalline mind which resonates only in two directions, and fears blundering into another ethnic kind of its own specie!’
`Sleep for a tired conscious mind also permits its soul some respite, should that conscious mind be seeking insights!’
`The only truly rational person will be one whose conscious mind has managed to realize it should dominate the mental matrix, especially using insightive nuance to judge life by.’
`The relief a conscious mind gets on booze is often worth the liver’s loss and death than hell on earth with a bothersome soul practicing necromancy with its own unseen ethnic kind!’
`The naive conscious mind after a child’s `age of reason’ best defines its lack of a prior father figure who could instill some curiosity about life in lieu of social gambling to win whatever!’
`A lefthanded `useless’ mindset stems from living in a right handed society which condemns any left handedness as genius!’ `What is hardship when Nature’s reality beckons and offers a peace of mind than never fails, whatever the hardship?’
`A soul’s incarnate life is filled with intrigue, more to so evade a curious conscious mind as Nature’s last evolutional grade to go to bed forever!’
`When the soul tires before a sincere conscious mind, tired of persistent folly found, the result stems from Nature who stood in to inform of the intricacies to escape such folly.’
`To fumble with words or ideas defines best one’s id evading reality, especially when an alert conscious mind is standing by!’
`Man’s left brain has managed to con its conscious midbrain mind that it is wise yet has been programmed so dumb it can no longer even understand mental processing with three minds!’
`The able bodied are able minded so will always be bothered by the mentally defunct as were most programmed to not think only hoe the corn for some master, who too often make his laws.’


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