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by on August 31, 2010

`Any said “national interest” only has the speaker in mind now whose sole intent is to win the Riviera along with the planet!’
`Does anyone think in view of history than Genghis Khan, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler or Togo really had the interest of their public in mind when they went to war to win the planet?’
`The most venomous snake one may ever encounter lives in their left brain and has little use for a conscious mind!’
`Because the soul knows it serves a subordinate life and is unhappy about it, more intolerant to it is a potentially alerted conscious mind as may find a way to subordinate that soul also!’
`The term functional means dynamic thus time escaping just what a soul understands best and is most unhappy about, to become mankind’s conscious mind’s greatest intellectual tormentor!’
`Man’s conscious mind can be smart, but never as much so as its own soul which keeps a tight reign on what gets learned!’
`Posterity is relative thus the human conscious mind’s vast peril at seeking to comprehend the `self’ as Thanatos!’
`The soul attacks with its immune system any bacterial fragment it cannot use to attack an alerted conscious mind, such AiR phenomena about to be understood consciously, so its apocalypse!’
`To whatever extent the soul perceives the danger of losing its autonomy, that soul’s Creator also behaves alike, so a conscious mind’s ease with faith that a nontemporal faculty knows better how to deal with folly thus protect all for posterity!’
`Any compulsion to win needs to be carefully scrutinized by a conscious mind that will need to face the music if chosen wrong!’
`Karmic retribution falls as much on the kept naive conscious mind as its soul which won such ugly lesson thus the imperative need of late mankind to awaken to all unconscious folly soon!’
`Since this whole planet is based upon unseen psychism now, it becomes obvious the first business of human awareness is to learn what governs mind from an unseen vantage point as objective!’
`The best neurothlipsis of all is in psychological terms, with a dominant conscious mind in charge of the mental matrix!’
`Booze is a fine neurotoxin because it blocks the sympathetic CNS which only has folly on its mind!’ `A ruptured mind, from epilepsy or intellectual censoring has the same net purpose to sustain a conscious mind’s stupidity!’
`Introspection is a heady operation when a conscious mind only uses verbal communication as must switch unconscious attention to learn the visual in order to perceive reality at root!’
`The intellectual conscious mind poses to its soul great liabilities as asks questions, especially after the age of reason!’
`It is near many soul’s naptime now and worse for the human conscious mind kept naive, the soul is fully aware of it!’
`Ideas are always fear evoking, but due to a wary id that does not want what is new noted by its conscious mind!’
`The mtDNA gangs hang together for their net discarnate lives, sapping their incarnate ones as even kill them to prevent some alerted conscious mind to reveal the provocative as would terminate all folly visited upon late mankind now.’
`One is either in bed with their discarnate ancestors or the Lord, otherwise there is no option for the conscious mind!’
`A moderating conscious mind is the only means to find hope yet it requires insight then to perceive their avenue of hope!’
`Women lay around making babies for a sad posterity while unable to do more than pervert a child’s mind for later discarnate use and manipulation with hoped acquired power and authority.’
`Between the alerted conscious mind using a full anterior corpus callosum and the programmed naive, man now suffers his greatest of all malaises but due to its soul’s long past evolution.’
`A soul’s Waterloo comes much faster once its own mtDNA kin so fear its conscious mind’s awakening by turning on it!’
`It today requires a man with an integrated corpus callosum to become a human god, not others whose unseen gods now rule their kept dumb minds from only the left brain side.’
`Might always makes right until Nature gets tired of the folly so creeps into the minds of a few genius to spill the beans to so burn those that expected to eat them!’
`There is only one means to survive now as complete one’s own soul’s net evolution for Nature and it is to consciously learn of the complemental minds hidden between the two brain halves!’


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