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by on August 31, 2010

`Mankind is likely as `civilized’ as possible but dictated by his covert as overt psychopathy that must be expected with two complemental minds vying for his conscious dominance.’
`Never in history has the human intellectual evolution brought mankind its greatest misery, its conscious moderative mind fully dumbed down with astute finesse to remain unable to rationalize the grand Armageddon coming to even many scores all at once!’
`There can be no end to planet winners until man’s conscious mind enters the fray of argued empirical evidence. Until the subjective visual nuance is used to define reality, mankind will go on blundering into its final war to thin his corrupted ranks!’
`Similes may be the next phase of teaching as the visual insightive process becomes the norm of the new mind of civilization
using the Self thinking interface for such nuance.’
`How in hell could the possessed know who they are once familiar with the character reflected in a mirror? The MPD subject too often consciously becomes aware of one `person’ yet whatever mind happens to be in charge at the time, using their S.T. memory.’
`For Nature, the priceless work done by the political minded is to force people to think of how to get rid of them!’
`The only reason why its difficult to live in hell is because the conscious mind was curious enough to figure out it’s soul’s objectives as its hell bound ancestors demanding to be fed!’
`Since it has always been the conscious mind’s governing it so needed the wisdom to recognize its soul’s folly, thus the need to have a quality father figure to teach others how to use insight.’
`With vast chagrin, soon man’s conscious mind will awaken to its hideous plight thus evoke by accident Armageddon!’
`To get `high’ and stay there is the only hope for sanity now, especially for the aware conscious mind knowing what is coming!’
`The real `trekky’ today is the conscious mind pushing out its censoring left brain to truly travel in relative time!’
`Vanishing visions occur around the age of reason and certainly when academic programming gets through creating the intellectual neurotic with only some licensed historical mind set!’
`Man’s predatory foraging as hurtful lessons will bring little change as long as the moderating conscious mind remains censored to reality so suffers along with the folly of most intellect.’
`Pain offers a soul its defense by keeping the suffering conscious mind at bay while performing folly to the hilt!’
`A conscious mind might appreciate its soul, yet cannot unless accessing its benign spirit complemental for visions constantly!’
`The NDE is likely a `final call’ to a past kept naive conscious mind, where Nature is losing Her cool and coldness might follow the perceiving subject!’
`Because the soul has a good idea of what is coming it must so keep its moderative conscious mind at least as stupid up to its death then find another to incarnate and do the same dull round!’
`Once segregated for discussion meetings, the intellectually programmed versus the insightive should not be mixed since little congruency can come as net meeting of minds in such mixed crowd.’
`The soul evolutes mentally just enough to become a pain in the ass, especially to its incarnated conscious mind!’
`The healthiest human animal is the full blown visually hallucinating schizophrenic with parasympathetic CNS dominance. Often, sadly, their conscious mind had not the time to develop enough to turn the malady into overt expressing genius!’


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