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by on August 31, 2010

`The more minds privy to data the greater one’s, as other unseen ancestors will disclose it so dangerous is it to show one’s thoughts to another ethnic kind, especially if intellectual!’
`The simple minded are easy to con with promises, especially from the welltodo in appearance which is too often far beyond the expense account for that dress so promise that much more!’
`The soul that attempts to `make a point’ by intimidating its yet naive conscious mind will ultimately blow it, most because it was guided by its greedy hidden ancestors that could care less about its own incarnate kind so long as they get fed.’
`The complexity of life forces much empirical data to be perused as understood in the context of the rest, yet most is well hidden to the yet naive conscious mind, which allows its soul to buy time thus evade its understood destiny of extended time.’
`It is up to a conscious mind whether to aid and abet its own soul’s goals in life, to win the planet for a bit, yet lose all!’
`Because the soul’s suffering is due to karma it understands, the also suffering conscious mind may be best off to remain dumb, at least up to seeking to comprehend its malady and act to extricate itself as then its irascible soul!’
`The lacking immune system may be due at first to an ancestor with easy access to killer T cells, in an attempt to get rid of a growing dangerous conscious mind awakening to reality!’
`The millennium will finally offer man’s conscious mind its designed opportunity to moderate fully its irascible soul!’
`Women fear learning what is new because it could evoke some curiosity in their conscious mind, which remains censored with a decoupled anterior corpus callosum which might invite insight!’
`The political learn everything very slowly, much as women who fear their own curiosity as could open Pandora’s box by alerting a conscious mind to their planned follies!’
`The naive the political minded do understand too well for any net good to come of it the worst that the wiser in a democracy then must support all the rest as are the minority.’
`The conscious mind that loses its `self’ then can find its better or higher self as was censored too well before.’
`Souls do not get lost, only a kept dumb conscious mind!’
`Science is just like religion, trying to explain all with in terms of simple minded jargon and trivia.’
`The conscious mind of the intellectual often gets fooled by its id, especially when a quality visual insight offer gets most twisted to mean something far different!’
`The conscious mind can lose hope but the soul never does, as it knows even a nap may be eternal yet awakens after that!’
`One seldom can feel good about their conscious self as seldom know it exists independently in the body. What seeks to feel good is the id at any expense usually that said conscious mind!’
`Any `peace of mind’ consciously worth while but never said is for its diabolical subconscious id as wants a piece of whatever!’
`Curses do not kill but to the discarnate are very real to so end their prowling as sapping of the kept naive human, especially the human incarnate with a kept dumb conscious mind!’
`How can physics progress with only `billiard ball’ minds with only interest in tenure?’
`To be able to surprise one’s conscious self is the best of all signs since defines that mind found its insightive mind!’
`Reductio ad absurdum becomes mankind’s nature after some long evolution permits the dominance of intellect that thinks for its own survival no one else’s, especially the conscious mind!’
`The left brain is Thanatos, thus very dangerous to attempt to comprehend consciously most because that conscious mind will never reach the intellectual capacity of that cunning faculty!’


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