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by on August 31, 2010

`All incarnate conscious minds would do well to learn about their claimed governing especially who govern them unseen!’
`What is a treasure to one mind is often junk to another. This apparent anomaly can be well noted by what is on today’s TV, and as well which gender governs the profits thus made!’
`The chase for attention is too often to chase one’s own tail, not have another chase it with procreation on his mind!’
`The good of war evokes thought from inescapable agony this a soul’s suppressed state to regain a conscious mind’s dominance.’
`Because the soul cannot help itself by will for gaining dynamic time, it must buy time then at the expense of its own conscious mind kept dumb as long as possible.’
`Most vermin have the self reliance to survive on their own all but the political minded who cannot stoop to hoe the corn as soon as they learn that verbal promises pay off more as faster!’
`To keep one’s own gut’s microbes passive, even the so claimed peaceful ecoli, in time needs MSM to thwart overt AiR to allow a curious conscious mind the opportunity to curb all inner folly but with Chi which also opens insights to finish evolution.’
`All things will get settled once man’s conscious mind awakens to catch up with its intellectual soul!’
`The self installing program to run an innate floppy disk is the same as DNA in the animal, up to external reprogramming as by REM while yet a fetus, then drive it once its eyes and ears get open with a moderative conscious mind with a clean slate.’
`It is the kept dumb conscious mind that needs to be brought up abruptly to learn of its two complemental CNS minds where one kills and the other guides for prolife whatever time is left!’


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