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by on August 31, 2010

`Nicotine forces its victims to be only reductive minded, so whatever intellect they do manage to get lag behind women!’
`As the Tibetan Buddhist knows, some `treasures’ must not be dug up too soon, at least around the mundane minded.’
`Once a perverted mind always one, unless some psychosis intervenes to alert a kept dumb conscious mind!’
`The soul always learns after some fact and fortunately in proportion to its needed lessons pending, thus defines what best guides the temporal mind!’
`A kept stupid conscious mind becomes the greatest net threat to mankind today thus explains the syndrome to begin with!’
`One form of schizophrenia is the therapeutic answer for its complemental form of two minds!’
`One’s soul is and will remain some constant pain in the ass until finally put into extended time. It knows it, so becomes far more active when its conscious mind begins to learn about it!’
`When one’s soul remains an eager tyrant the conscious mind is bound to suffer all forms of folly, most by the really depraved as get paid with energy of other disgruntled, who also lost some opportunity to win the planet!’
`It is that gradual awakening of the soul that becomes such a bugbear to the yet naive conscious mind groping also in time.’
`At least heroin eases the conscious mind’s attention towards death when at times reality is no longer worth the effort!’
`Convulsions stem from an unconscious war to dominate so fortunately the conscious mind is not around to suffer also!’
`From physics the space versus time complemental unconscious was needed for an `integrated’ mind, needless to say the official consternation while trying to evade that mounting obvious!’
`To run point now is to aid and abet another’s psychopathy! It best defines late mankind’s kept stupid conscious mind.’
`Whatever one’s government can find out about you it will so invoke a law to profit on you. It must be expected where government is operated by the least able minded of a culture.’
`Retarded IQ in the human animal allows an awakening mind to become cautious before it gets censored to not be cautious!’
`The self reliant often have their minds already made up ahead of time, but wait to be sure with their ensuing conflict of IQ.’
`The first step in evolution is the need to instill insight, at least long enough for a new mind to know where to find reality while examining offered half truths of the already evoluted intellectual who seek to survive in the easiest way!’
`While amazing that people like to be fooled, it best defines what then governs their kept stupid conscious mind sans insight!’
`The great rub for the human conscious mind is to evolute reductively so fails to use offered insight to realize that other is innately corrupt for its own survival over humanity’s!’
`The soul likely seeks DA but only to speed up experience, yet may avoid that neurotransmitter with a curious conscious mind in order to keep it dumb especially from insightive flashes!’
`To open one’s mind for wisdom before speaking often can then silence the subject for life if they want a long one!’
`Unemployment is an excellent teacher, provided it lasts long enough to alert a person’s conscious mind to act in the favor of all concerned even if many yet employed won’t appreciate it!’
`Realized complemental minds dictate one’s fight to the finish which always ends in death albeit can buy time which helps to evolute what seeks to exit life then the most!’
`A `facilitator’ operates between two entities as currently an evoluted mind manipulating a yet naive one for a profit motive, a factor left unsaid when done on 90 minute cycles!’
`The further one’s soul’s evolution the more difficult is it for a conscious mind to not slip into stupidity, yet over time does teach where trust must not exist!’
`Biological health is secondary to physical health where the well tuned mind automatically evokes the quality body.’
`The animal brain is a complex system for integrating data, primarily for its conscious mind where two other unconscious mental faculty feud over dominance for life or for death!’
`Left brain obedience is fine with an alerted conscious mind, to govern life’s net objectives without folly or facade!’
`How else could a conscious mind remain so stupid unless governed by a smarter mind using its left brain half?’
`While likely sad to awaken to reality’s dictate of entropy, it yet defines Nature’s supremacy from the E side of the equation and so any temporal existence must have an end, even if infinite time continues for any mind in full limbo!’


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