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by on August 31, 2010

`The soul is offered many opportunities to beat itself over the head, and does so as long as a programmed dumb conscious mind is willing to suffer along with it!’
`In deep sleep or during REM, the protective spirit remains near for sleeping animals. Awakened is a different story when the conscious mind should be in charge if aware.’
`Mankind attends its soul’s masquerade party in elevated time, but to fool its kept dumb conscious mind until too late!’
`If all life is a matter of interpretation and the net profit interest governed which if any bidirectional interpretation prevailing, it is wise then to know their two unconscious minds.’
`A conscious mind must volitionally evoke a close relationship with its insight offering higher self to enable it to outwit its lower ancient self which has won far more IQ over its existence, especially when it decides to be Thanatos!’
`Life becomes a bashing affair either way with an intellectual soul, even with early insight to evade its worst until the age of reason where academia ensures the programmed stupidity of any conscious mind may yet have had some curiosity!’
`Where history alone is known by the conscious mind, called IQ, it can be censored or blocked from tentative imports to sustain its ignorance when governed by another history oriented subconscious that seeks to do folly surreptitiously.’
`While one’s id seeks data to manipulate its conscious mind it also evades data as might get the attention of consciousness!’
`If the soul learns secondhandedly via its conscious mind in verbal ways as recognizes dynamic process only below its 40Hz EEG then Tuvan song with high harmonics best get understood by those operating at least above the REM EEG frequency’s 3rd harmonic.’
`We may consciously want health but seldom get much correct advice from whom governs us, as need a fat as constantly decaying body with only programmed social games kept in mind!’
`The greatest unconscious fear is of the conscious mind whose place to moderate behavior when too predatory or game conscious!’
`The term `science ‘ is a misnomer since the experiences used is seldomly empirical yet somehow gets instated as fact to continue with other `conjectures’ to fully confuse the human mind for a reason that could define late humanity’s vast stupidity!’
`We all conclude life with death so it becomes the net quality of life there between for at least the conscious mind thus its great reason to learn of our Thanatos seething within us!’
`The thought of chance survival never crosses a conscious mind because of what governs it and needs the fat from their body!’
`To consciously realize who needed their body fat more than a kept naive conscious mind would evoke a stark awakening as tragic as the apocalypse for such individual if not bring prompt death!’
`The speed of UFOs defines how well espionage works, which has been with mankind for at least 10,000 years but left unsaid where an incarnate conscious mind might ponder such consequences!’
`In most women’s mind they think a quality father figure will destroy her child, so then does it herself by creating sycophants who govern all as then end a once vibrant society!’
`A sycophant would never comprehend the Oedipus complex as got converted before any father figure had a chance to open his mind to why a mother’s mtDNA dictated his mental outlook thereafter!’
`The busy mind that cares not about being heard when speaking uses errr and ahhh to kill time while seeking a sanitized version of something to say in order to profit the most upon it!’
`The psychic twist direction defines its rectilinear direction in relative time thus dynamic space left to it! Thus wise is it for a conscious mind to learn this thence use Chi if in trouble!’
`A very large brain shows Nature’s way to compensate for the conscious mind with ST memory what an id’s censoring does to LT memory, something Freud noted clearly, associated with IQ.’
`The animal’s body needs little aid in decay if its mind can’t progress any further for Nature’s want of its mental evolution.’


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