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by on August 31, 2010

`The `shrunken minded’ have only enough room to think about a need to win the planet as is yet better than some Riviera!’
`Academia only corrupts the human mind after the age of five!’
`Intellectual hucksters have always won the attention of the masses, most because were programmed dumb as any police or military force, able to run point in the face of fire, with no idea of who ruled their minds and needs spilt blood to survive!’
`It should require IQ to comprehend intellect yet that is the very problem when that mind’s thinking refuses to expose itself!’
`The glitch filled intellectual’s brain defines its blocks as needed with half truths for a curious conscious mind to stumble upon hopefully long enough to promote the full deathwish!’
`It is not how but more importantly when to awaken a conscious mind to reality especially after being programmed by academia!’
`The conscious mind is vulnerable to time and definitive space since can be censored out by its irascible id especially when prevarication upsets reality seen via insight!’
`Stymied humanity merely shows the efficiency of evolution, as the soul’s astute behavior learns how to keep its moderative conscious mind dumb as today!’
`It is the discarnate’s nature to tell half truths in order to survive, a factor the incarnate conscious mind won’t ever see!’
`Conscious commerce with ancestors may bring temporal profits, but any such net wealth only lasts an incarnate’s conscious mind as predatory soul until that body dies not that another like mtDNA user might not demand a share of the prior’s profit!’
`Since `justice’ is construed by opinion and because only a few have the right to offer it, one can bet their ethnic kind is alike, if not down to their common mtDNA with survival in mind!’
`The neurotic soul hates to have any other mind get ahead of it, especially its own curious conscious mind as would end the folly for good as complete Nature’s goal of mental evolution.’
`To complete one’s goal in life for Nature they must abstain from any ancestor commerce, a difficult thing when a conscious mind reads little unconscious dialogue much less the promises!’
`All of the struggling on TV today is to hide the real struggling going on unseen in the unconscious, where man’s real rulers are but need a kept dumb conscious mind as might ask questions.’
`Any war with the `riders of the sky’ now requires an alert conscious mind which can’t happen with any programmed mind!’
`The most terrorizing device to authority ever invented was back in the 70’s, which interfaces a mind that knows potentials, which would conclude all gambling or any kind whatsoever!’
`As long as the human primitive conscious mind remains unaware of reality, its two complemental unconscious vie openly since at Theta EEG is seldom witnessed and REM dream gets censored before much conscious attention ever gets focused on its import.’
`The one thing man cannot do is explore his universe with his definitive space knowing left brain, which would never divulge what it found as already knows about,how to buy time by keeping a conscious mind stupid!’
`Man’s greatest gamble comes when his conscious mind doesn’t know when as which brain half to use between wanted history or what is true new, to say little of potentials in slow time!’


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