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by on August 31, 2010

`Once IQ develops enough to govern an animal it so censors its conscious mind in direct proportion to avoid itself from censor.’
`Why cure a disease that is promoted to block a conscious mind from attempting to use curiosity, unless to live just long enough in earned agony to wrap up some lesson yet needed in masstime?’
`Man’s conscious mind must await the last laugh where the soul already knows its outcome, from dynamic time for deserved limbo!’
`The truly cleansed mind is one that no longer speaks words in relative time, yet can draw images of reality very clearly.’
`The kleptomaniac get their thrills of outwitting whom they may fear with a believed more astute mind than their self, based on a jealousy that especially extends across ethnic lines.’
`The corrupt mind requires some volitional intent so such fact remains ever more volitionally hidden. Ask an APA professional!’
`Maybe pain is worth it as keeps one’s id preoccupied in some misery to so freedup the conscious mind to think more clearly!’
`Psychic communication is real but those who most practice it make laws to hide whatever might be discussed with their discarnate henchmen kin who have only ethnic cleansing on their mind!’
`To fail to recognize one’s own pathology defines best a kept naive conscious mind, that should have the resigns for life!’
`To mutually process both definitive spatial place and relative time from some reference points requires a complemental mind matrix, just as noted in Einstein’s Special Relativity Alephs.’
`It is yet better to have the alerted APA professionals dead than alerted others about schizophrenia, when Thanatos dominates a conscious mind and accidental comprehension follows!’
`Why punish a kept dumb conscious mind for not being aware of its skulking predatory soul which deserves far worse than its own needed suffering in order to complete its mental evolution?’
`The last thing man will consciously comprehend will be what drives his mind as keeps its self well censored from reality!’
`Are the insightful “schizophrenics” killing church members because they perceive their vast danger now with unseen ancestors ruling their minds?’
`The least likely worthy of life are today’s “dogooders” who must depend upon the able minded for their survival, making promises to be carried out by law and punitive measure!’
`The hippocampus is no fuse link thus describes a feedback network to block the too frightening for the fightflight sympathetic CNS, even if its neurotic behavior defines silly behaviors when fearful of its conscious mind’s awakening to reality!’
`Most people require an NDE to experience the Creator because their soul has too well evolved to fully censor their conscious mind which is the true `self’ as for as any incarnated animal.’
`Dry air may be conducive for ancestor prowling as wet times brings free electron ions to quell deductive minds.’
`Fatty lipids hide more than a waist line, most to censor a so kept dumb conscious mind, as keep ancestors for offered advice on any gambling venture!’
`How is it possible to use the psychopathic to cure their own kind? Because the pathological mind is always astute with greater IQ which is honored in a dying culture, the last hope for it is a complete collapse for the few self reliant to regenerate vibrancy as bred self reliance more than revenge and social manipulation.’
`As one’s home appears so does their mind!’
`Past suffering mellows the soul, opften to even allow its own conscious mind to have curiosity once in a while!’
`Since greed brought the soul’s evolution the fastest, we kept dumb conscious mind for it to buy more time cannot really blame its behavior since at root was Nature’s design!’
`Nature’s prolife care could be more caring by some malady offered to change a mind, where mental evolution is the real care!’


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