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by on August 31, 2010

`The conscious mind lives a hazardous existence when it might moderate its soul’s predatory behaviors as gambling instincts!’
`The camel’s back breaks with too much load just as the mind when forced to comprehend too much or what is not wanted.’
`To find ancestors dominating one’s conscious mind via genetic bias is the worst of all human diagnosis for the healthy life!’
`If eating brings agony as fasting bliss, what went wrong long ago in the human mind that now so fully governs it?’
`The soul will capitulate in time, but not until its agony to relearn past lessons failed cannot be evaded with some fully alerted as angered conscious mind bent upon revenge!’
`All in time is but a decimal of the All whose intent is to so evolute a created mind in slow temporal conditions where corrections are easy, especially with karmic solutions!’
`Whether a soul, meme, troid or mtDNA, mass has class, but so in the mind of its beholder to the demise of any other ethnic.’
`Not oddly, the most idiotic is the most evoluted intellectual soul as must chance all acts with covert cunning, so also defines the sad state its conscious mind must contend with until dead!’
`To win for the soul can be suicide, to evade any more evolutional time when its conscious mind begins to ask questions!’
`It is mankind’s replicating reptilian mind that has evoluted too far for its own net good where its conscious mind can lose in its design to moderate to complete it evolutional objective.’
`The struggling soul defends its turf to death, knowing the so promised time for its conscious mind’s apocalyptic awakening!’
`The greatest gamble the soul takes is when it incarnates as needs to keep its conscious mind dumb at all cost!’
`The conscious mind of the incarnate is transient, it must act in haste before the age of reason, when censoring begins for a life of covert folly if not overt politics!’
`The greatest challenge for the incarnate conscious mind is to fully comprehend complemental spacetime minds, one because it censors as twists any import about itself as the other using only visual gestalts on which to convey reality, however succinctly.’
`To fear evil is the objective of the church, but to fix their followers conscious minds on other ethnic kinds who pose the most danger to the deceased who guide that specific church!’
`If eating brings agony as fasting bliss, what went wrong long ago in the human mind that now so fully governs it?’


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