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by on August 31, 2010

`The conscious mind should aid the spirit by moderating its temporal soul whose sole objective is to buy worldly time!’
`Things inexplicable can often explain one’s own censoring unconscious, assuming the conscious mind remains alert.’
`Slow time may be a terrible burden to a mind from unity time, especially with a kept dumb conscious mind to buy time that it should moderate such folly done by its slow time derived soul!’
`From Alzheimer’s to stroke, the id’s need to block memory as used by an active conscious mind goes without saying!’
`Where temperature and time go together, entropy becomes a very scary thought in the mind of the soul!’
`The id hates to follow directions of its benign CNS complemental, to evade its conscious mind’s attention. It can be noted with UFO observance if of some danger, yet blocked when needed.’
`The greatest gamble we conscious minds take is to not give attention to our dreams to end up as censored fools to do our own devil’s bidding!’
`To memorize has the great hazard of unseen tweaks that go on behind the awareness of a kept dumb conscious mind!’
`The church has always had the might so the right to act with impunity, but only in man’s kept dumb mind. Thus ethnic chaos is the designed but unsaid goal to keep all fooled until too late!’
`A kept dumb conscious mind cannot judge the better from worse in psychological terms thus defines late mankind’s academic effort to program nitwits to carry on the tradition!’
`It often is the detection of reality that makes one’s conscious mind so dangerous to its unconscious, as vice versa!’
`Sad is it for we incarnate conscious mind’s need to teach all their molesting discarnate by throwing them into hell as the rest can’t learn that lesson by information in time from the former.’
`There are millions of excuses yet hidden in the shrunken mind of the discarnate all ready to be used in the incarnate world!’
`The Lord beckons, but those who lack right brain use will not `hear’ until enough tragedy forces a suffering potentially moderative conscious mind to listen with enough care to then act.’
`The high rate of pons offered data to preprogram the brain for life makes clear the greatest miss of all scientific quests began shortly after the human mind’s ageofreason!’


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