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by on August 31, 2010

`Little question now underlies some pending trauma when his remark of the unconscious wills to remain UNconscious’, and man’s so kept dumb conscious mind faces some Waterloo!’
`The high rate of primitive brain pons offered data to preprogram the brain for life makes clear the greatest miss of all scientific quests began shortly after the human mind’s ageofreason, as C. Jung so well noted.’
`The anterioposterio control, as with the amygdala, defines that primary displacement for likely better control of the bilaterals. With past evoluted IQ, it becomes a formidable challenge for `we’, the programmed dumb conscious mind by late academia!’
`Since the true genesis of schizophrenia is now known between the lateral space vs. time complemental minds, the net comprehension of their innate behavior defines the net affect of not only the mental evolutional design as Darwin suspected, yet with great intellectual anxiety in many, to suffer in proportion to a vast neurosis keeping much of academic ignorance in all of science.’
`The problem with tying to tease out the specificity of female versus male might be defined equally well by C. Gorman of Time, where her `slight of hand’ (or mind) blew her intent clearly.’
`If a soul cannot win full control over its conscious mind it must then plan on suicide as may be better for all considered!’
`A dead person is worth far more to the deceased than alive if they have an alerted conscious mind to the diabolical!’
`Whether soul, meme, troid or mtDNA, mass has class but only in the mind of its beholder to the demise of any other ethnic.’


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