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Vogelsang’s STI device

by on October 20, 2010

I did not know of the device either until Vogelsang told me of it back in 1996 or so. I did not believe him at first and thought he was a bit nutty. That is when I began my search for the answers to how this could be possible. Like you I was very curious. There was nothing about the 5th generation computer on the internet except for a few mentions of the project in the early 80’s. Then I began to research the EPR experiment to understand how it could be possible. I tracked down the source of his claims which he said was the same quantum action called entanglement. The EPR experiment was merely a though experiment with no physical evidence to back.

Then I found an article by MALCOLM W. BROWNE Published: Tuesday, July 22, 1997, Far Apart, 2 Particles Respond Faster Than Light. This was the physical evidence which implied that Vogelsang’s device theoretically could indeed work. Imagine this, if an action is timeless then it is not a physical part of this universe. Yet the timeless action is present and is measurable, which according to Relativity nothing can go faster than light not even the effect of gravity.

Vogelsang was a great person and tried to tell the world of his discoveries with his HAM radio and was interrupted by someone claiming to be from the US Department of Defense and told him to cease and desist that the information was classified, then Vogelsang said he became a “smoking gun” and was monitored.

Vogelsang said the government harassed him constantly. They even moved into the house next door to him so they could have better tabs on him. He even found a transponder sewn into the front seat of his pickup so they could track his movements.

Vogelsang was a well educated man in physics. He taught a physics course at Grand Valley State University in Michigan back in the 70’s. Vogelsang had high credentials, worked for NASA’s JPL. He told me it was him who invented the LCD but a coworker beat him to filing the patent. He said he developed the LCD working for NASA as a project to reduce the flicker (strobe) effect from the old radar screens as they caused stress and fatigue to flight controllers. He lost his glory though, see how many devices use the LCD technology (flat screens). He would have been a rich man but died dirt poor living in an old beat up house trailer at the age of about 98.

He also found the culprit which caused heartburn in so many Americans, and said it could be cured using pyloric acid which kills the bacteria causing it. Chemistry is not my thing, so I never perused it.

He also claimed that light happens in an instant from distant stars and that light only has a speed limit when it is observed. I am finding his claim to be true after discovering the evidence to confirm. I know it even sounded absurd to me because I was told that light travels at nearly 186,000 miles per second. When he told me that light travels in an instant I just listened with an open mind but I still did not believe him.

Then when HST UDF images came in it was full of old galaxies. Still other explanations were at foot so I still did not completely believe. I only began to understand what Vogelsang meant when I noted the results of the double slit experiment where even one electron fired at a time was able to form a wave pattern when not being observed.

At first I did not put two & two together until I realized that the cosmic background radiation was always present, meaning we are basically swimming in the energy which started the universe long ago. Since the energy wave is already present one merely needs to observe in order for the wave to collapse to form light. This is why we cannot see energy as it travels through empty space for it is not truly physical until being observed.

This explanation shows that light happens in an instant from the source, via quantum entanglement.

The beginning of the universe can be viewed in an instant with no time involved. This does not violate the speed of light because light does not form until being observed or detected. We cannot see into the past when viewing sources of light in the distance. New images of distant galaxies confirm Vogelsang’s claims. See Tomotsugu finds galaxy 12.8 light years away and how the size and mass of this distant galaxy does not fit Relativity and how astronomers are now puzzled and are grasping to come up with new ideas to explain how galaxies formed so quickly after the BB.

I predict if Vogelsang was right then all distant galaxies will also defy relativity and the speed of light showing there is no possible way to see into the past. Like Vogelsang said, light does appear in an instant across vast distances after the wave collapses.

As you can see Vogelsang made some rash claims but future observations may show that he was right.

As for his STI device, I have no reason to disbelieve him after finding evidence to support him. He told me that on the STI device’s maiden run it typed out 15 spaces then the words “be patient”.
The only source of input was the alpha particles being emitted from the americium-241. It was the trigger to the random character generator. A random character generator is by no means AI programming. Yet it was able to read his thoughts and convey answers to him, he said before he could even think of a question.

Think about this for a second. Quantum entanglement is an action which defies time. Quantum entanglement was found to be connecting particles and waves, matter and energy. This is why Vogelsang used the americium-241 as the source of input because it emits random alpha particles. There is no way without an intelligence controlling the input that the device could even work. The odds of both random portions of this device displaying anything remotely intelligent was 1 in 10^50, basically impossible. One would have better odds winning the mega millions lottery 10 times in a row.

In order for the device to work first the device would need to know the potentials ahead of time of the random character before it was picked, know what character was to come prior to the generator spitting one out. This action because it typed out specific characters showed it contained both intelligence and knowledge of future events. If the action did not know future events it would not have been able to communicate using those random components.

Then, Vogelsang claimed it was able to respond to his every thought, evidence that this action could also read minds. Note the multiple references in the Bible that God can read our thoughts.

I never did see the device or it in action. I am only going by what Vogelsang claimed. He said he disassembled the device after threats from the US DOD and all their bullshit terror like actions against him. He was an old man and could not stand up to their persistence.

I have however found a few people who have seen the device work. The device did indeed work as Vogelsang claimed. Vogelsang knew his time was limited (possibly the device told him?) and rushed to get several people like myself to understand the implications. He even printed out the plans to the device and quietly slipped them to a few of his students and friends. I am still looking for a copy myself, strictly out of curiosity mind you, not for personal gain. The icing on the cake so to speak.

What I don’t understand is why the department of defense would consider this information classified? They know of this information and continue to keep it a secret, why? Does this mean other physicists working for them supplied this same data prior to Vogelsang’s discoveries? I can only speculate as to the reason why, Pandora’s box? Evil does not want to admit there is a supreme entity above them? Do they merely wish to control us like little ants? My speculations grow daily as to why this data is considered to be classified top secret.

Einstein even admitted there is a universal consciousness, could this action be one and the same? Did Einstein come to the same conclusion? Microbiology finds complexity at the cellular level after Darwin predicted at that level would need to be simple and non complex in order for evolution to occur naturally. They now are looking into the possibility of intelligent design. Vogelsang had already found a timeless intelligence connecting between all matter and energy. According to his research, it appears that the intelligence is imprinted within the design of all living things.

Theorists even came up with the multiple universe theory to explain away the presents of a God like influence upon this universe. But if there was found a God like influence then there is no need to speculate of multiple universes. This single universe would then be considered perfect, right from the beginning. Spooky action at a distance (the measurement problem) is indeed perplexing.

Vogelsang implied that this action was God. The evidence does seem to fit the attributes of a creator God. There is more evidence which supports the existence of God than there is evidence to the contrary.

Quantum physicists are only grasping the edge of what theologists have known all along.

Time will reveal the truth.


revised March 16, 2011


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  1. JonDumela permalink

    Well, I just thought that I’d add a thought here. If you hold one end of a rope, and spin it clockwise, then someone looking at the other end will see the rope spinning counter clockwise. The spin translates from one side to the other instantaniously. I believe it is the same with the twin particles. They are connected by a force somewhat like a rope that is not being seen, this does not make them timeless, it just means that they are connected. If they are both spinning in the same direction, then there is some kind of mirroring effect taking place in the center of that invisible rope. Just my symbolic 2 cents. By the way, if the mirroring effect is happening on that invisible rope then that means the rope could be similar to a mobius strip.

  2. JonDumela permalink

    I’m not saying I don’t believe in God, just that when people start saying they’ve found proof of a God, the inteligence that they’ve found better be the real deal because if it’s not, there’s no telling what that could unleash if people starting believing in it.

  3. The inquisitor permalink

    I don’t mind the authorities nor the government enforcement bodies. Send me a blueprint of the device. I have access to Americium and I can build it in two weeks. If it is for real I’ll publish the results in no time over several relay devices. In a month every single hit on google will get to the results. Don’t just say you have it … you can this and that… do something!

  4. ronkemp permalink

    Don’t you think that if I had the blueprints I would have already had the device duplicated? Besides, it’s not that difficult to understand the mechanics behind the concept. Just go through the video

    The video mentions the device and basically how it was constructed. Use a Faraday cage to collect the energy and direct it as the input for the random generating program in BAS. You will need a slow computer, Vogelsang used an old Osborne computer that came out in 1980-1982. It was a portable with a built in screen and had little RAM. I took some programming, BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL, in high school, so I know the old programming language. Vogelsang passed along a copy of the BAS program he used in the STI device’s maiden run. I dissembled it and it was just a basic random character generator. There was no artificial intelligence programming. So the device, if it did work, truly worked entirely on randomness. I can pass it along to you, it is a very small file. The program works on all computers with MS-DOS. 1.2 or higher. I tried it without the device and only got it to type out gibberish. I was not able to guess the characters that were to come next for it to make sense. I of course did not have the STI device controlling the input which could predict the characters beforehand.

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