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by on November 17, 2010

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@TheLaughingOut Serious? Vogelsang was a qualified theoretical physicist, I would not believe somebody without credentials. Do you believe in a universal consciousness or was Einstein wrong when he deduced that from his special relativity equations? Or what about Bell’s Theorem where it describes the psi phenomena? How about? the Big Bang where it needs a cause before the effect(Tangled Hierarchy). If something is measurable, evidence can be determined.

Bells Theorem and the EPR experiment were what inspired Vogelsang to create the device in the first place. He surmised that if the universe were truly conscious it could be determined by free will! Meaning if it were given a choice what would it choose? Vogelsang then decided to construct the input to the device so to be entirely random. Thus allowing the consciousness, if it were true? according to these theories, to choose for itself. The theories are evidence, Vogelsang’s device was proof!

I’m sorry proof is not valid, we cannot even prove that matter is real. Yet on the maiden run of the device it typed out 15 spaces and the words “be patient”. Mind you the odds of a random emitting particle tripping a random generating program and then selecting 15 spaces in a row would be impossible if there was not a consciousness controlling the outcome. I’m sorry if you cannot follow along. The implications are mind boggling to the physicists as well.

From the freedom of information act I can now speak of this evidence. When Vogelsang tried to tell his colleagues and friends over his HAM radio he was told by someone claiming to be from the US DOD to cease and desist, that the information was classified. Vogelsang told me he did not realize it was classified because he just discovered it himself. He mentioned the 5th Generation Computer project to me? and Krebs cycle, which I now believe he was the physicist who got the grant to study.

Artificial intelligence is not in the programming it is in the hardware. Just like the instructions inside each cell to reproduce another cell exactly like itself. There needs to be a consciousness in all things which needs no programming. I would say this qualifies as intelligent? design or I should say intelligence within the design. There is much evidence which supports the existence of a God or creator, intelligent design, whatever you wish to call it, a universal consciousness, it is!

Sorry, I should of said influencing not in, which would read as “There needs be a consciousness influencing all things which needs no programming”

I know I cannot prove there is a God. But there is more evidence which supports the existence of a God than there is evidence that it is not God. Even if we say nature built it in that way, it is only a representation of a fact. All in all evidence is in the eyes of the beholder. We are all free to pick and choose what we wish to believe. I will always admit, I have always believed in God and I see this as evidence which supports my belief. You are free to choose otherwise.

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