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by on November 17, 2010

Gravity creates pressure and pressure creates heat. Heat is considered as energy. So gravity is basically creating energy. If this heat is so extreme to cause nuclear reactions then gravity can create extreme temperatures. What evidence is there which shows this to be true?

Over Unity: The inflation of the universe.
The universe is constantly growing from the new energy which is being created. The energy starts in the cores of asteroids 100miles in diameter or larger, planets, comets, stars and black holes.1 This energy fills the space around the object like air in a balloon causing the space between the objects to move away from one another, hence universal inflation. More energy has to be added to Einstein’s relativity formula in order to fit observations. This is proof there is over unity present in this universe. Any energy which is added to the universe is considered over unity, more energy in than what is already present.

Imagine the universe like marbles in a sack. The energy which gravity produces fills the marbles like they are balloons. Each growing at the same rate all equally spaced apart. As gravity produces more energy the balloons grow larger causing the distance between them to increase. The marbles on the opposite side appear to be moving away at a speed which increases exponentially. See inflation theory.

Energy conversion:
Energy can be converted into matter, see pair production. Also research Milagro Observatory where they detect heavy radioactive particles hitting the Earth, some in the Tera electron volts. Where energy converts into matter would only cause the universe to begin growing at a faster rate. This accretion would add mass to each object causing the gravity/mass ratio to increase then only to create more energy. Since the Earth will continue forever accretion will cause an action to tip the scales in favor of always growing.

Imagine this: Take a ton of steel and melt it down. Any heat added would be considered from an “outside source”. Any extra heat is radiated out after the material is molten. Keep the heat a constant for 10 years. After 10 years let the steel cool, weight it and it would still weigh 1 ton. The material would not dissipate because it had an “outside source” for heat. There was no conversion taking part upon the material. The steel does not loose any of its own material when heated from an outside source.

Gravity is the outside source of heat in the cores of planets and stars.

The solar wind action occurs when this energy emanates outward, 90° of the surface. If gravity were not present the force of this energy emanating outward from the sun would tear it apart and it would no longer be present. Gravity and the emanating energy appears to complement one another. We do not need to look further for the source of the heat created by the sun.

Energy can be converted into matter.
Elementary particles are created when cosmic waves(gamma rays) of energy strike the Earth’s upper atmosphere. There the energy interacts with the highly charged protons and electrons in the ionosphere causing heavy elements like gold particles to form on the surface of our planet. (golden age?) The last time such a cosmic event happened was almost 13,000 years ago according to Greenland ice core samples. The event was sudden and Dr. Paul LaViolette said it lasted no more than a week. The Mayan Indians depicted the Earth traveling in the path of a river of what looked like energy. Could this be reference to the photon belt? See SuperWave Theory.

So lets get this straight. Gravity creates heat because of pressure. Pressure=heat vacuum=no heat. Think of pressure as being the highest temperature ever possible and the vacuum as being the coldest ever possible. This is comparable to the cores of planets or stars (pressure=extreme heat), to the emptiness of space at 0° K(vacuum=extreme cold). This is a basic law in thermodynamics. This energy naturally is attracted to the cold of vacuum and is completely complementary to the force of gravity.

The energy emanates from the object and at the same time appears to be the cause of gravity. Is gravity the complementary force to this flowing energy? Like a circle, gravity creates pressure=heat and heat flows outward to meet with the cold=vacuum as is the vacuum rushes in to equalize with pressure it appears as gravity, which as we know gravity creates pressure… and it continues in a circle.

So gravity is caused after the energy emanates from the cores of planets and stars. Please note that energy was found to quantum tunnel timelessly through matter. If we wish to count all particles as matter then even air in the atmosphere is matter, so the energy is able to also quantum tunnel through the air in our atmosphere without resistance. If energy can quantum tunnel through 8 ft thick lead walls without resistance then it can easily penetrate air. This emanating energy field(magnetosphere) is what causes resistance to incoming waves. See quantum tunneling experiments. Matter must flow in the vacuum.

1: I say asteroids larger than 100 miles in diameter because this is the estimated size of an object when it begins to produce the effects of gravity. Data taken from temperatures of the deepest hole in the planet show that the temperature increases exponentially as depth goes. As little as approximately 100 miles in diameter cores of asteroids can produce energy which is about the size when gravity can be calculated. This also fits the distance to where at 50 miles deep the average of all metals become molten, around 2285 °F.

In note, objects with the hottest cores produce the most gravity. It is like the black hole in the center of the galaxy forcing out gamma rays at the poles, not because of gravity but because of the immense electromagnetic field it produces. Along the magnetic equator a rush of cold would be coming in while a rush of heat was spewing out everywhere and at the same time the poles would be spewing out heat in the forms of jets. But the EM field(see gamma ray spectrum)would be radiating outward in all directions so this would cause resistance to the inward rushing cold(vacuum). Seeing that stars emit a Heliosphere and it shows resistance to the path of travel, see Voyager 1 and 2 data of the sun’s Heliosphere being squashed in the southern hemisphere and trailing outward(like a comet) as it traverses southward towards the galactic equator. See Mayan calendar references. This denotes the effect upon the Heliosphere as the sun moves in our galaxy. NTS, The Maya were right again.

Possibly why stars and matter form along the magnetic equators of galaxies. This is where the radiation from the black hole slows to a stop as resistance from an inward flowing vacuum (flow of gravity) against the outward flow of the black holes electromagnetic field(gamma rays). And the size and shape of the arms in the galaxy depend upon the distance and strength of the black hole. The shape of the galaxy could be determined by the way the axis points and its spin duration. Citation needed.


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