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Hermann von Helmholtz

by on December 9, 2010

Mass is a measure of how much material an object contains, but weight is a measure of the attraction force exerted on that material to another mass so, mass and weight are proportional to each other.

Gravitons were not discovered in atoms because they are NOT present. Gravity is a reaction to an action, very simple. Pressure at the core creates energy, new energy, over unity, when the energy is released into space, something has to fill it’s place, this is the flow of gravity. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The outward flow of energy is being produced by the extreme pressure at the core. The same outward flow of energy causing g is also causing the universe to inflate.

I am not the one to propose that gravity is creating energy. Back in 1854, Hermann von Helmholtz first proposed that gravity was causing the energy which emanates from the Sun. But because that theory violated the law of thermodynamics it was never perused. It appears though that the observation of the inflating universe is evidence that over unity exists within each object producing gravity, see inflation theory. The inflating universe proves that the law of thermodynamics is incorrect at a large scale. Physical laws have already been shown to be incorrect at the quantum scale. I believe they are also incorrect at the large scale when matter and gravity begin to create energy via pressure.

Imagine this like cold and hot air, at the cores of planets and stars is extreme pressure, which creates heat, which is new energy, according to quantum tunneling experiments energy can quantum jump through matter timelessly, to where?, deep space where it is extremely cold. Hot pressure moves towards the cold vacuum in deep space and the cold vacuum in deep space rushes inward to the center of the pressure where it is mostly concentrated, yes, like yin-yang.

The only reason why gravity was never understood was because the first law of thermodynamics is slightly incorrect as it states that energy cannot be created. In order for the universe to inflate, an action stronger than gravity must occur. If energy could not be created it would not be here so the law has a flaw. Besides, when gravity is used as the work force in the formula for thermodynamics it creates new energy in the form of heat, which violates the same law.

Gravity is not caused by single atoms but the collection of many via accretion. Gravity can not be calculated in asteroids smaller than 100 miles in diameter. This is because the average metal does not become molten till around 2400° and it takes a depth of 50 miles for the pressure to build up to that temperature. Then the effects of gravity can be noted, but not until new energy begins to flow outward.


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  1. efe erel permalink

    Then by controlling the speed of mixed layers of metals turning counter clockwise to each other can the g- force which splashes out be used to move that object in unimaginable speeds?

  2. ronkemp permalink

    I do not know for certain but I would suspect the metals moving opposite to one another would not produce any g-force, thus no momentum.

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